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What is a relevant USP for employers in the current recruiting market?

The recruiting market at the moment is still hot, but certainly, a bit more dampened than a few weeks ago. With added uncertainty, the question arises even more about how to differentiate yourself in a very crowded marketplace of “great” employers?

What is the sweet spot for candidates that can make the difference in deciding to join a certain company?

Is it fantastic offices with free breakfast and a gym to burn off the calories? Maybe it all comes down to the salary packages on offer? Or is it the remote working policy that makes the difference?

The answer may lay somewhere in between all the above points. They surely are highly relevant, and each candidate has different needs and expectations. But a critical point that is often overlooked is an honest recruiting process that also realistically reflects the company culture.

What does that mean?

Many companies tend to oversell themselves to potential future employees. Sure, it is essential to point out the good stuff, but it is also important to critically reflect on areas of improvement. It is better to be upfront with those and not to paint a too rosy picture that has nothing to do with reality.

So maybe the best USP can be a hiring process that is truly open and honest about the good stuff as well as the areas that need improvement? One that doesn’t overpromise, but rather paints a realistic picture and sets the candidate up for a pleasant surprise rather than disappointment.

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